Rome Wedding

Costs to consider for a wedding in Rome

Everyone has different ideas of what they want for their wedding. You might have an unlimited budget and want everything arranged for you so that you don't have to worry about the details, or you might be on a budget and want to do all the arrangements yourself.

We came somewhere between and decided to have a planner arrange the legals and paperwork so we didn't have to worry about getting it wrong. Everything else we arranged oursleves by email, therefore cutting out a lot of extra costs by not having to pay a planner to do this for us.

Below is a breakdown of what we paid for the different parts of our wedding. It should give you a rough idea of the costs involved.

The Wedding Ceremony


To give you an idea of the costs involved
for a wedding in Rome here are the fees we
paid for our 2009 wedding:
(2010 price update below)

Wedding Fees:

  • City fees (payment for Campidoglio Wedding Hall)*   400 Euro
  • Consular Fees*                                                                            134 Euro
  • Revenue Stamps                                                                           30 Euro
  • Wedding planner fees*                                                             900 Euro

   Total Fees:                                                            1464 Euros


* The City Fees for weekends are 400 Euro and 300 Euro on week days. Although the Campidoglio is only open at weekends, Vignola Mattei and Villa Lais are both available for weddings during the week

* The Consular fees have to be paid by Foreign Draft and with my bank there was a fee of £15 for this service.

* The wedding planner fees were for the legals only package which included:

  • Advising in respect of civil documents to be issued in the UK
  • Checking throughout the papers to ensure everything is correct
  • Delivering documents to the British Consulate
  • Liasing with the British Consulate and collecting Nulla Ostas (certificate of non impediment)
  • Delivering Nulla Ostas to the Registrar for marriages and booking the ceremony date
  • Interpreting services during the marriage oath and ceremony.
2010 UPDATE:
I have been informed that the City Fees have now been increased, and the new charge for a weekend civil wedding is now 1400 Euro.
Although this is a large increase, apparently many other Italian cities did charge this amount already with some charging more than this  for a wedding ceremony.

Our Reception at The Raphael


Obviously you will want to look around for the perfect venue for your reception,
but to give you an idea of what you should expect to pay for a rooftop location at a 4* central hotel just off Piazza Navona, this is what we paid for 11 people:

Reception Costs:

  • Welcome Prosecco for guests @ 10 Euro per person x 9      90 Euro
  • Menu Raphael @ 90 Euro per person x 11                                990 Euro
  • Wine @ 23.80 per bottle x 7                                                     166.60 Euro
  • Water @ 5.10 per bottle x 6                                                          33.15 Euro
  Total Cost for wedding meal/reception                  1279.75 Euro

We paid for welcome drinks for our guests and they kindly provided some lovely canapes at no extra cost.
We also asked if they were able to dicount the wine prices as the Euro was pretty low at the time and they offered us a discount of 15% off our wine and water. Price above includes the 15% discount.
Menu prices at The Raphael were also available at 85, 110, 120 and 180 Euro per person.
Also we asked to exchange our dessert on the menu for a simple iced cake that we could cut on the table for our guests, the cake was wonderful and far too much for 11 people - there was no extra charge for this.


After trawling the internet and emailing various companies we felt a little dismayed about the high price of hiring a photographer for our wedding. We eventually found Siobhan, an Irish wedding photographer living in Italy whose price was extremely competitive.

For 4 hours of photography in Rome, travelling to various locations and sites of our choice, receiveing over 300 high resolution photos on a DVD with full copyrights:

Total Cost:   475 Euro


We decided to have one bouquet and a buttonhole made for us by Dordas Flowers. On the day of the wedding we walked to Campo di Fiori and my mother in law bought a bunch of roses and made up buttonholes for the remaining guests and a small bouqet for the bridesmaid.

For one bouquet and button hole:

Total:  90 Euro

Wedding Car

This was an area that we didn't want to spend too much money on so we simply hired a Mercedes E Class with driver by the hour.

Mercedes E Class and driver per hour - 40 Euro

Total for 4 hours: 160 Euro

Of course once you have considered all of the above you will also have flights, accomodation and transfers to take into account.