Rome Wedding

A Wedding In Rome?

In July 2009 we were married at The Campidoglio in Rome, it was the most wonderfully breathtaking setting for a romantic wedding abroad, one that we both wholeheartedly recommend!

We have therefore put together some information about our experience which may help if you are also considering a civil wedding in Rome, particularly at The Campidoglio.

We have included as much detail as possible about the planning and the ceremony, our recommendation for a wedding planner and also a costs section so you can see how much a wedding like this may cost. Go to the photography page to see details about Siobhan, our wedding photographer and see some of the moments she captured beautifully on our special day. Lastly visit the ideas and tips section for some useful links for the planning stages and details of our suppliers.

It's easy to gather information from companies who plan weddings abroad and there are many websites dedicated to this, but we have tried to give a more personal approach by sharing our experience in the hope of providing a little more insight for couples wanting to do the same - We  also loved our day so much that we can't recommend Rome enough as a choice for a romantic overseas wedding.


Please be aware that most of this information is based on my research from 2008/2009 and our wedding in 2009, so some of it may have changed since then. I will, however try to provide updates when I do come across any changes and please also feel free to inform me of any updates if known.