Rome Wedding

Planning a Wedding In Rome

So you've decided to marry in Rome, what next?

Once we had decided that Rome was to be our wedding destination we decided to have a cheap trip there to do some research.
By using budget airlines and visiting at a quieter time of year, it is possible to have a cheap stay in Rome. This was an invaluable experience for us, as it prepared us for the reality of our wedding in Rome and gave us the chance to research various reception venues and more importantly, meet with our wedding planner.

There is plenty of information on the internet to get you started. I found websites such as Tripadvisor, WeddingMapper and ItalyMag very useful when planning our wedding. See the section below for links to these websites, and also ideas and tips section for cheap flights and other really useful links.

Are You Using A Wedding Planner?

We decided to use a wedding planner for the legal side of the wedding only, as we were not confident in completing the paperwork ourselves, but as we were on a budget we wanted to arrange all other aspects of the wedding ourselves i.e cars, flowers and the reception.
After researching online for wedding planners in Rome, reading forums and posting questions to other couples who had used a wedding planner, we decided to contact Gabriella Lojacono of She is listed on the Foreign and commonwealth government website and came highly recommended. After an initial email we arranged a legals only package at a reasonable price.

We then arranged our weekend in Rome and visited Gabriella at her home/office where she was happy to show us her certificates, licenses and testimonials from many, many couples from all over the world who had used her services. Each one had left her a hugely glowing appraisal and thanks for her work.
During the months before our wedding her communication was always very swift which is reassuring when you are only communicating via email. Not only was she very professional throughout but she was also very friendly and welcoming. The first time we ever met her felt like we were old friends, she instantly gained our trust and we felt safe in the knowledge that our wedding was in her hands. Even at times when official procedures seemed to change without her being informed, she was swift in dealing with them and ensured we would get the date and time we had set our hopes on - even though she did have to queue for more than 3 hours at the town hall to do this! I really can't recommend her enough!

Gabriella will of course arrange a photographer, reception venues and menus, flowers, cars and all other services you may want for your big day.


Gabriella requires that all paperwork be sent with DHL, as in her experience she has found this to be a reliable and quick service. Rather than go direct to DHL, we found a DHL service point (in selected Staples and WHSmiths stores) and the fees were considerably cheaper.
Cost for A4 envelope - £19.95

What Needs To Be Done Next?

You can only secure the date at The Campidoglio 6 months in advance, so unfortunately as you will not want to book flights and accommodation until the date is secured, this only gives you 6 months to confirm everything. Gabriella will tell you what needs to be done and when, but this is basically what you should expect:
  • Certificate of no Impediment/Nulla Osta -This is your first step in booking the ceremony. You will need to go to your local registry office and apply for a certificate of no impediment. This is simply a certificate which states that you are legally allowed to be married. This will be issued after the wedding banns have been publicly displayed at your local office for anyone who wishes to object.  Once issued this will only be valid for 3 months and as you need this ready to send to your wedding planner so she can apply for your date, you should expect to do this roughly 7 months or so before your chosen wedding date. The Certificate of no Impediment only has to be valid for booking the ceremony and not the wedding day itself, so as long as you book the ceremony within the 3 months of receiving your certificate it doesn't matter if this expires before your wedding day.
  • Send a foreign draft (134 Euro - 2009) to the British consulate for the Consular fees.
  • Upon receipt of the Certificate of no Impediment and copies of both passports, Gabriella will then present all paperwork to the British Consulate in order to receive the Nulla Osta (the Italian equivalent of the Certificate of no Impediment.
  • 6 months before your chosen date Gabriella will approach the town hall to secure a booking for the ceremony. She will have you on standby with your mobile phone ready, in case the date you have chosen is not available (we did secure our first choice date and time)

Also visit the website for further government advice about getting married in a foreign country.

Planning the Ceremony Yourself?

Although we did opt for a wedding planner, I am sure that some couples decide to plan the ceremony themselves. Please find below a copy of an email with attached information sheet which I received from the Rome Tourist Board which may be useful if you don't want a planner.

You must apply to the Municipality of Rome. Please find enclosed the text published on the website at / il comune per argomenti / Anagrafe... / Schede utili. After you click on Schede utili you'll get at long last the language options, and on the appropriate page of the Registry office the contact links. 
The telephone number of the Municipality is (+39) 060606. 
Contact details to the City tourist information are: phone (+39) 060608, web, e-mail
Best regards, 
Maria Grazia 
Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Roma 
via Parigi, 11 
I-00185 Roma 
tel (+39) 06 488991 
fax (+39) 06 4819316
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Useful websites to help plan your wedding


A fantastic website with over 25 million traveler reviews and opinions.
Go to the forum pages to ask specific questions if you need help and advice about something in particular.
Browse hotels and restaurants and read real travelers reviews - good and bad!
Get quotes for flights and hotels from various websites all in one place.
Free travel guide pages for more in depth information.
See thousands of travelers' photos and videos.

Italy Mag

Italy Mag - The number 1 magazine for all things Italy - now as of this year is web only, but great for all things Italy.
With a dedicated section to weddings you can browse suppliers and vendors and join the community to read the forums and ask for advice from other helpful members.
Gabriella and Siobhan both advertise on here and Gabriella was actually recommended to me by fellow Italy Mag members.

Wedding Mapper

A very useful website with a wealth of information and useful tools to help organise your wedding.
Log in to create your own personal website for your big day. Customise event details, add photos and communicate those all important deatils to your guests.
Create maps showing the locations of your hotels, reception venue, restaurant recommendations and local attractions.
Use 'Guest Manager' to keep track of RSVP's, make seating charts and manage guest information.
Sections for ideas and inspiration, information on local vendors and venues, wedding profiles from other weddings that took place in Rome and the chance to chat with other couples for more planning advice.