Rome Wedding

Our reception at The Raphael

Situated just off Piazza Navona you couldn't wish for a more central location. Stunning views over the Vatican and Castel Sant Angelo provided the Roman setting for our rooftop reception at The Raphael. A gastronomic delight of 5 courses was served over 3 and a half hours as the sun set beautifully behind St Peters dome. A truly memorable evening not only made special by the amazing backdrop but by the service and hospitality provided by all the staff at The Raphael.
After viewing other various locations, we were also keen on the Il Palazzetto as a choice for our reception. But it immediately became clear that we should choose The Raphael just from the initial contact with the management and the follow up communications we had when discussing our evening. Raffaella Cappella who dealt with our booking throughout was charming, friendly and thoroughly professional, she made it an absolute delight to book our reception here. Our booking was only for 11 people but we were made to feel as welcome and important as if we had booked the entire rooftop.
The service during our meal was impeccable, the waiters paid attention to every detail and we were treat like royalty but without it being overpowering or pretentious. The food was simply the best I have ever eaten. The evening was finished off by the chef, Jean François Daridon presenting us with our wedding cake. Bearing in mind we had simply swapped our desert for a 'small and simple' iced cake' to cut at the table, we were delighted with the cake we were presented with and this was mouthwatering too!

The photos below show the ivy covered exterior of the hotel, the table setting, The chef - Jean François Daridon and cake, ans also the internal restaurant if needed in bad weather.

Other options we viewed while in Rome

Il Palazzetto

Terrace at the Il Palazzetto

The Il Palazzetto by the Spanish Steps was our alternative for the wedding reception. When we stepped out onto their terrace we were amazed by how impressive this location was. With it's unique and exclusive position overlooking the Spanish Steps, it not only takes in the beautiful sunset over the rooftops but also the bustling atmosphere from the busy steps below.

Update Jan 2011: I have been informed by a reader that The Il Palazzetto are now charging a terrace hire fee of 2000 Euro + 20%


Affiliated with the exclusive Hassler hotel located just above, this would make for quite a special and probably quite formal reception. They also have a new air conditioned marque for events, although you would disappointingly miss out on the views. Ultimately in our case, the communication was really poor, and in contrast the warm welcome we received from The Raphael secured our initial decision.

The sunset and atmosphere on offer at The Il Palazzetto

Quirinale Hotel

The outdoor courtyard

The Quirinale is also a good choice for a wedding reception. The Qurinale is quite a large hotel with plenty of spacious areas for canapes and drinks. This choice would offer more affordability than the Raphael and Il Palazzetto as their slightly cheaper menus also include wine, water, table decorations, menus and wedding cake.

Internal room

They have a beautiful internal courtyard/garden ideal for the warmer weather, but also a lovely room with huge windows facing the gardens in case of bad weather, where you would still have the feel of the greenery around you.
The downside to this choice is that it is situated on the rather busy and charmless main road Via Nazionale , but although rather an unattractive approach, I don't think this wouldn't affect the appeal once inside.

Sample Menus

To give you an idea of what a typical wedding menu will offer and the range of costs, I have included the various menus we received during the planning of our wedding. (Prices for 2009)

The Raphael Menus

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Hotel Hassler Buffet Menus

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Il Palazzetto Menus

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Qurinale Menus

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Other Rooftop and outdoor Venues

Here are some more ideas that we looked into for an outdoor Rome reception. Although we didn't visit the places listed below I have included the few details I received after emailing these locations for more information. Again prices were from 2008/2009 

 Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier in Villa Borghese.
There is a large outdoor terrace which was unavailable for our wedding but for the internal 'Quirinale' room  the rental cost was € 600.00+vat20%.
The terrace was € 2.000+vat20%

Hotel Gladiatori

Hotel Gladiatori - overlooking the Roman Forum.
Roof garden rental - 2500 Euro (non exclusivity -  charge still applies)

Hotel Hassler

Hotel Hassler - Situated at the top of the Spanish Steps 

Update Jan 2011:
PANORAMIC TERRACE SOLUTION (Maximum capacity: 90 guests for served dinner)
Penthouse Suite Terrace (weather permitted), an exclusive private open air panoramic terrace overlooking the eternal city at Euro 3500.00 + 10% VAT per room per night.  
Alternatively: indoor facility.  Also kindly be informed that this location is available from May to August.

NOTE: Please note that normally a 2 nights minimum stay is required in order to organize a function on the terrace. ''

Hotel De Russie

Hotel de Russie -
Menu starts from Euro 90.00 pp ( 4 courses) wine not included
The cocktail reception has a cost of Euro 26.00 pp
Wedding cake Euro 16.00 pp
Room Hire ( garden and function room in case of bed weather ) Euro 800+20%